Deadline for completion of the project
2016/11/18 05:47:06

Work Progress

The Progression Project 90%
Exterior Design 90%
Texturing and Light Processing 95%
3d modeling 100%
Project start 10.28.2016

building up the 3D model 11.03.2016

Today we started building up the 3D model of the playhouse. I’m sending you some print screens so you can see how it goes.

At this stage of work, we have questions about the materials and fixtures (mechanisms).

Test renderings of the environment 11.10.2016

Here are some test renderings of the environment. The house is the first version of the model, but the colleagues are working on it.

Test renderings of the day and night 11.12.2016

Here are some test renderings of the day and night shots. The model is still the basic one, but very soon the final one will be ready.Waiting for your comments about the camera angles and the mood.

test renderings of our progress 11.14.2016

I’m sending you some test renderings of our progress, so you can write some comments. We have worked on the materials and lighting in the day time scene.

Do you think it will be good if we have in the renderings some kids playing on the ground around the playhouse in the day scene?
The small images above will be on white background and we are gonna show the opening of the doors and window – should they be all open in the same position or in different positions for every image? We can render them in color and then desaturate the images, so you can have both (in color and BW) and decide later which to use.

Start modeling external cladding 11.15.2016 10.00 h


Here we have some test renerings of the Playhouse 11.16,2016

We placed some kids around the house – I hope you’ll like them


We were wondering how is the rectangular window above opening (the one you want to be open in the daytime image)? If you have some comments you can write to me today and maybe we could start with the final rendering tomorrow.

Started a editing the project

“Maybe we can have less stuff or different stuff (less books, more lego or action figures?)  
 so that we see more of the glow and less of the objects.”

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