Interior design of a house in Germany

On the first floor we have a spacious living room with a dining area. The kitchen is divided by sliding doors which give the possibility to unify both rooms.

The solid oak flooring gives warm notes to the grey concrete walls. The main accent is in the mint green  elements like chairs, decorative objects and fabrics.

Living room and dining room


Laundry room


On the second floor are situated the bedrooms and the home office.

Second floor corridor


The main bedroom with its warm pastel tones gives a feeling of serenity. The accent in the big elegant wardrobe with its glass doors and illuminated shelves.


Кабинетът, като зона за дневно пребиваване, е решен в свежи цветове с акцент отново в ментово зелено. Помещението е решено функционално, като разтегателното канапе тип клик-клак дава възможност за използването му и като гостна при необходимост.

The cabinet is decided in fresh colors with mint grey accent. This room has a double function as guest room with the extendible sofa.

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