Interior design of apartment 90m2

Our client’s desire was to create for them a harmonious and functional space. We took note of this and added something of ourselves.


The apartment consists of four rooms and represents two united apartments – reconstruction we had to do to provide space for everyone of the five member family.

Living room

The living room is decided in warm beige-brown gamma with orange accents. The space is divded in two by decorative beams – kitchen with dining area and zone for relax with large sofa.


The closet

Children's room

In the girl’s kid room we used the red as accent – it’s the favourite color of its little owner. The are a lot of shelves and cabinet to store all the clothes, toys and other things.

Second child's room

In the boys room the accents are in lemon green which makes a great contrast with the grey-beige base of the floor and the furniture. We have here two angular bed, one of them on a higher than the other, which give the possibility to watch the tv from both places.


The parents bedroom is decided in the beige range. Due to the small space (only 10sq.m in which we had to place a double bed, big wardrobe and a desk), here the functionality was leading. We won space by using sliding doors for the wardrobe and by placing the bed next to the wall.

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