This is a multi-service that includes a few important steps:

1) Meeting our clients:

A conversation about the customer’s color and style preferences is needed before we start working. At this stage we talk about terms and expectations and specify the concept.

2) Architectural measurement taking:

The exact dimensions of the space are providing us with a base for the architectural layout we create in the next steps.

3) Functional zoning:

At this stage of work we divide the areas by function. It’s important to meet client’s needs and get to know their habits in order to create a comfortable and functional space.

4) 3D visualization:

Creating photo realistic renders based on the customer’s preferences gives maximum clarity about the end result of the process.

6) Drawings of furniture:

It’s important to prepare the drawings of the furniture by individual design for the furniture makers.

7) Supervision:

This stage provides the proper development of the project. It includes site visiting, communication with subcontractors, monitoring the processes.

5) Plumbing and Electrical installation plan

Following the approved design, we prepare the plans for lighting, switches and plumbing.